Acid Rain And Effects Of Acid Rain

Acid Rain And Effects Of Acid Rain:

Now a days acid rain is the problem for our environment. Soo today we talk about the meaning and the effects of the acid rain.


It means the rain that is acidic in nature due to the presence of certain pollutants in the air due air pollution that is caused by some industrial and vechiles process. Acid rain found in many forms like in rain, snow, fog, smog, or dry material that settle to earth.

Usually it occurs due to various natural and human activities. Some time due to volcane eruption because it contains some chemicals that cause acid rain. Human also responsible for that because when human burn fossil fuels, run factories etc. cause acid rain.

Top 5 Harmful Effects Of Acid Rain:

It has various bad effects on our environment let see what are they.

1. Effects on aquatic environment:

Its has great effect on aquatic environment weather it go directly into it or run off through forest, roads and feilds into water bodies. After some time when it deposits into water it decrease the overall pH value of water. But aquatic plants and animals need a particular pH value level to survive its about 4.8. But when the pH value level decreases it become impossible for them to survive.

2. Effects on forests:

It also effects the forest by making them vulnerable to disease, by destroying their leaves, damaging thw bark, and arresting their growth.

3. Effects on soil:

When it falls on soils it kills the micro organisms that are useful for soil. It also decreases the fertility of the soil because its leads to calcium and other nutrients deficiency.

4. Effects on Architecture and buildings:

When it falls on some monuments like taj mahal it decreases the shine of the taj mahal because it especially effects the thing that are constructed by limestone because it reacts with minerals that are present in limestone and corrode them away.

5. Effects on humans:

Its also effects on humans, due to acid rain nitrates and sulphates present in atmosphere increases and it degrades the visibility and cause accidents that leads to injuries and deaths.

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