Air pollution defination and causes

Air Pollution , Defination And Causes.

Other planets have sunlight, but the earth is the only planet we know that has air and water. Without air and water,the earth would be unable to sustain life. Now a days Air pollution is at high.

Air pollution

It occurs when air contains gases,dust,fumes or odour in harmful amounts. That,is amounts which could be harmful to the health or comfort of humans and animals or which could cause damage to plants and materials.

It defined as, the occurence of foreign particles particals or gases in the atmosphere, which are harmful to man,vegetation,animals, and buildings.

Causes And Sources Of Air Pollution.

The pollution of air can be caused by natural processes or by human activities.

The sources of  pollution are classified into two groups.

1.Natural sources of Air Pollution:

They are dust stroms, forests fires, ash from, smoking volcanoes,decay of organic matters and pollen grains floating in air.

2.Manmade sources of Air Pollution:

They are population explosion,deforestation,urbanisation and industrailisation, whose effects can be explained as fallows:

 Top 10 main sources or causes of Air Pollution.

1. Burning of fuels,like;wood ,cow dung cakes, coal and kerosene in homes pollute the air.

2. Exhaust gases emitted by motor vechiles, which pollute the air are the major sources of air pollution in big cities.

3. Industries pollute air by releasing various types of pollutants,such as; sulphur dioxide,oxides of carbon, nitrogen oxide, chlorine, asbestos dust and cement dust.

4. Thermal power plants pollute air by emitting sulphur dioxide and fly-ash.

5. Nuclear power plants pollute air by releasing radioactive rays.

6. Use fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture pollute the air.

7. Mining activities release particular matter into the air and pollutes it.

8. Indiscriminate cutting of trees and clearing of forests increases the amount of carbon dioxide  in the atmosphere and thereby pollutes it.

9. Use of clorofluorocarbons in refrigeration, fire extinguisher and aerosol sprayers pollutes air by depleting the ozone layer.

10. Smoking pollutes air by emitting carbon monoxide and nicotine.

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