Burn And Scalds: Meaning, Types, Symptoms And Treatment

Burn And Scalds: Meaning, Types, Symptoms And Treatment.

While working in kitchen we have to suffer from various cuts and sometimes from Burn and Scalds not only in kitchen it can be happen in anywhere. So today we are going to talk about Burn And Scalds: Meaning, Types, Symptoms And Treatment.

Burn And Scalds: Meaning, Types, Symptoms And Treatment

Burns are caused in different ways.By coming in contact with hot metal, fire, chemical, electricity, a person can get burn or scalds.Hot oil, steam, hot tea, milk etc. can also cause skin burn.

Types of burn

Burns can be of three types:

1. Minor burns where only skin is scald.

2. Burns where blisters are formed.

3. Deep burns where skin is destroyed and raw flesh is exposed.

Sometimes clothes stick to the body.The person suffers severe pain and may die.

Symptoms of burns and scalds

1. Skin becomes red.

2. Blisters are formed.

3. Severe pain and the person’s face becomes yellow.

4. Pulse rate becomes slow, difficulty in breathing.

5. Sometimes clothes stick to the skin.

Treatment of burn and scalds

1. If the clothes are burning, the person should not run, he should rather roll on the floor so that fire can be extinguished.

2. Person should be covered with a thick blanket.

3. Burn should be treated very carefully.

4. Burnol, toothpaste or any other antiseptic cream should be applied on burn skin.

5. Ice cubes should be applied on scald skin till it reduces pain.

6.If the burn is due to chemical, cold water should be poured on it.

7. If the blisters are formed, they should not be pricked.

8. Sodium bicarbonate solution should be applied by cotton.

9. If the person is in shock state, he should be treated for shock first.

10. Person should be given water with salt to drink.

11. Immediately sent for doctor’s aid.

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