Drug Addiction its characteristics

Drug Addiction its characteristics:

Now a days drug addiction is very serious because everyone in every country are indulging in this bad habit especially youth of the country. We know that youth are the power of the country but still they are getting drug addicted because of many reasons.

So lets talk about meaning of drug and drug addiction and what are its characteristics. I hope you like it.


So firstly know about what is drug.’Drug’ is a chemical substance which is associated with the physical and ┬ámental effect. It effects the normal functioning of the body process. Its is usually prescribed by the physicians for the purpose of treating and preventing a disease by its chemical nature and its effect on the structure and functions of living organisms.

The word ‘Addiction’ is generally used to describe physical dependence. Addiction is a state where our body require continued administration of the drug in order to function.

So drug addiction is a chronic, often relapsing brain diseases that cause compulsive drug seeking and use. The abuse of drug leads to change in the structure and function of the brain.

5 Main Characteristic of Drug Addiction:

1. It increase the desire of the human to taking it continuously by any means.

2. It make the humans totally dependant on drugs and without this they can’t do anything.

3. After taking drugs from long time it increases the tendency of dose.

4. After taking drug humans are  not in their mental state which harmful for them or society also.

5. It decreases the ability of the humans to do the thing in the better way.

At last I only want say that now a days drug addiction is very serious problem and its growing very fast. For this we have do something and government should also take stricted steps for stopping these things. Soo





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