Fracture: Meaning, Types, Symptoms And Treatment

Fracture: Meaning, Types, Symptoms and Treatment

Sometime while working, playing sports and sometime if we are at adventure we have to face or suffer from various cuts, injuries and sometimes suffer from fracture. Due to this we have to suffer a lot of pain. So today we are going to discuss about Fracture: Meaning, Types, Symptoms And Treatment.

Fracture: Meaning, Types, Symptoms And Treatment

Fracture is very common but if treatment is not taken at time if may cause serious problem. So lets us know what exactly fracture is?

What is fracture?/ Meaning

A fracture is a broken bone. It can range from a thin crack to a complete break. Bone can fracture crosswise, lengthwise, in several places, or into many pieces. Most fractures happen when a bone is impacted by more force or pressure than it can support.

Types of Fracture

There are many kinds of fractureare as:

1. Simple fracture

One bone is broken without injuring any other part.

2. Complicated fracture

Broken bone also damages other parts of the body like heart, kidney etc.

3. Compound fracture

When bone is broken, it comes out of the skin.

4. Commuted fracture

Bone is broken into many pieces.

5. Impacted fracture

Broken bone gets tangled with other bones.

6. Depressed fracture

Bone of the skull is broken and sinks inside the skull.

7. Greenstick fracture

It happens in children. Their soft bones tear out.

Symptoms of Fracture

1. Severe pain and swelling at the place of broken bones.

2. Loss of power to the injured portion.

3. Affected part is not able to move.

4. Shape of the bone is changed.

5. Bones make rubbing noise.

Treatment of Fracture

1. When the bone is broken, it should be kept in fixed position;this prevents more damage.

2. Tie the broken bones with splints and bandages before moving the person.

3. If the wound is bleeding, try to stop it immediately.

4. One should not move the bones and call for the doctor immediately.

5. The injured person should be taken carefully to the hospital for plastering on stretcher.

Accidents and mishaps can be saved to a certain extent if people take some precautions.Certain safety rules and measures should be adopted in home, school, playground, working place, etc. It can save many accidents.

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