Gaming Disorder Named As Mental Illness By WHO

Gaming Disorder Named As Mental Illness By WHO

Computing can become problematic when it models other addictive behaviors. Whether it’s gaming, internet use, or social media interactions, if those behaviors start to interfere with someone’s life, it enters the realm of a psychological disorder. Now gaming disorder named as mental illness by WHO ( World Health Organization ).

Gaming Disorder Named As Mental Illness By WHO

In 2018, problems related to video games will receive their own designation. The World Health Organization (WHO) plans to include Gaming Disorder in their diagnostic manual, the International Classification of Diseases, in its next release. Gaming Disorder is classified under Disorders Due to Addictive Behaviors joining Gambling Disorder as the only other condition under that heading. While the final language is not set, the current draft includes many familiar characteristics of addiction.

Playing video games too much and too often will soon be recognized as a mental health conditions.

Symptoms include the inability to control when and how to play video games.

Another red flag is when someone picks games over other interests in life and keeps playing despite negative consequences.

The decision does not mean that playing games in itself is a problem.

Experts say, however, it should all be seen in context — where, why and how much someone plays.

Adding Gaming Disorder to the list means that it will be recognized by doctors and insurance companies.

So at last i only want to say that play games and use internet but use or play it in a limit. That you can control it.
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