Global Warming And Green House Effect

Global Warming And Green House Effect:

Global Warming simply means increase in the temperature of globe or earth due to the increase in amount of greenhouse gases in the earths atmosphere. The temperature of globe in average is 15 degree Celsius, which is maintained due to presence of certain gases like carbondioxide, methane, water vapour, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons present in the troposphere  ( lower most zone of atmosphere ). These gases are collectively called heat trapping or greenhouse gases ( GHG’s ).

Usually it is caused by pollution of air and when polluted air contains green house gases like carbondioxide, methane, ozone etc. ,day by day the quality of these gases increases in the atmosphere due to this, these gases the heat that comes from sun and increase the temperature of the earth or globe.

Global Warming has become the serious problem for every country and every government worldwide. Most of the countries making an agreement to decreases the emission of green house gases. The KYOTO PROTOCOL is such agreement under united nations convention, which has been signed by many countries.

Green House Effect:

When the rays of the sun come on the earth to warm the earth’s surface. A part of the raidation that come on earth absorbed by the earth and some part that raidation go back into the space. But that part of sun’ s radiation trapped by the atmosphere and is not allowed to go back into the space. The trapped radiations further warm the earth. That trapping of radiation by earth’s atmosphere is called the GREEN HOUSE EFFECT. But we also know that without this process, life aould not have been possible on earth due the low temperature of the earth.

Different Green House Gases That Contribute to Global Warming:

1. Carbon dioxide:

It contribute about 60% of global warming. It is produced by various things like burning of fossil fuels increase the carbondioxide.

2. Methane:

It contribute about 20% of global warming. It is produced by burning of boimass, during use of petroleum oil.

3. Chlorofuorocarbons ( CFCs ):

It contribute about 14% to warm the globe and it is mainly reponsible for ozone depletion of the ozonesphere.

4. Nitrous oxide:

It contribute about 6% to warm the globe. It is produced by burning of coal, break down of nitrogen fertilizers in soil etc.

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