Harmful Effects Of Air Pollution

Harmful Effects Of Air Pollution.

1. Air pollution effects on health:

Air pollution leads to particle pollution, urban smog, and toxic pollutants that pose serious health concerns.. You may experience coughing, wheezing, breathing difficulties, and chest tightness. It has harmful effects on health.

2. Air pollution effects on Environmenta:

  • It increases chances of acid rain which contains harmful amounts of sulfuric and nitric acids. It damages tree, speeds the decay of statutes and buildings, and affects soils in a negative way.
  • The release of tiny pollution particles in the air can cause haze which obscures the color, texture, clarity, and form of what you see.

3. Effects on Wildlife:

Toxic pollutants can also affect wildlife in a variety of ways. Many studies have found that exposure to toxic air can contribute to reproductive failure, birth defects, and other diseases in animals.

4. Depletition of Ozone:

Ozone protects you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Air pollution leads to particle pollution, urban smog, and toxic pollutants that pose serious health concerns.one layer and exposing you to all sorts of harmful radiation, which is increasing risks of cataracts, skin cancer, and impaired immune systems.

5. Climate Change:

With air pollution, the release of methane and carbon dioxide is increased. This imbalance has led to a phenomenon known as global warming which is believed to have a huge impact on agriculture, human health, forests, water resources, and coastal areas.

Some harmful effects on human:

  • Pesticides like¬†( Dichloro-Diphenyl Trichlorethane ), which are toxic entre into food chain and get accumalated in the body causing kidney disorders and problems of brain and circulatory system.
  • Lead pollution causes anaemia brain damage , convulsions and death.
  • Certain mental cause problem in kidney,liver,circulatory system and nervous system.
  • Fungicidies cause nerve damage and death.
  • Air pollution affects respitory system causing breathing difficulties and diseases such as bronchitis,asthma,lung cancer,tuberculosis and pneumonia.
  • Air pollution affects the central nervous system causing carbon monoxide poisoning. CO has more affinity for haemoglobin than oxygen and thus forms a stable compound carboxy haemoglobin (COHb), which is poisonous and causes suffocation and death.


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