Harmful Effects And 7 Major Impact Of Land Pollution

Harmful Effecfs And 7 Major Impact Of Land Pollution.

As we know land pollution is the degradation of the land surface of the Earth.

So lets talk about the Harmful Effects and Impacts of Land Pollution.

1. Reduction in Land area:

If once the land is occupied by various industries or pollutants then it cannot used for other things like agriculture, making homes there because it is totally unfit for us. Once land is used for mining after that it has no use because it extract all riches of nature.

2. Decreases Soil fertility:

When some unwanted thing put under the land or dumped into the land like polytene it degrade the land and the soil fertility also reduced and yeild capability also decreased. So, land pollution also reduce or decreases soil fertility.

3. Bad smell:

When waste materials disposed on land it create land pollution and also foul bad smell because when waste material get decomposes it foul bad smell which totally unfit and unheiginic for humans because it spread various deseases.

4. Health issues and problems:

Due to the land pollution various health problems occurs in the society like cancers, asthma, skin rashes and birth defects. Land pollution may lead to various nervous system problem also, calcium deficiency etc.

5. Spreads diseases:

It spreads various air brone diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, plague and tubercolosis because when land is polluted then a lot germs breed their and spread diseases at high rate.

6. Breeding of germs:

When organic waste acted upon by sunlight begins to rot and is the perfect breeding ground for germs to breed. Flies and mosquitoes are found abundantly on rotting waste. They also attract stray pigs, dogs, cats and cattle, which come in search of food.

7. Bio-magnification:

As we know that the insecticides and pesticides are non-biodegradeable and they are inffinity in fats and move into living organisms and become concentrated as they move up the food chain.


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