Harmful Effects of Marine Pollution

Marine pollution effects

Marine pollution are the biggest truth because it was polluting at very fast rate due to many human activities. Marine pollution is also known as ocean pollution and it covers 75% of our earth. Due to some human waste like oil spills, plastic, industrial, agricultural and some other cause of marine pollution it was polluted. Here we are going to talk about some harmful marine pollution effects.

Some Devasting Marine Pollution Effects

Here we are going to talk, what someMarine pollution effects and how it effects human, food chain, marine life, coral reefs, animals, ecosystem and many more.

1. Effects on Marine aminals

Oil spills have dangerous effects on marine animals because it could get on to the gills and feathers of marine animals and due to this they can’t fly properly and also are not able to feed thier children. It aslo lead to cancer, failure of reproductive system.

2. Effects on coral reefs/marine plants

Due to the floating of oil spills on the surface of ocean it prevent sunlight to reach marine plants and affects the process of photosynthesi.

3. Depletion of oxygen

Oxygen is very important for marine life but for decomposing some biolitter and sewage, oxygen was depleting from the ocean because oxygen is needed for the decomposition of that thing.

4. Effects on food chain

Human are responsible for the Marine Pollution beacuse they through their garbage, palstic bag, and industries washed their chemicals into rivers and then carried into oceans these chemicals and waste go deep into the oceans after that small insect or fish eat that waste and that fish or insect eaten by some other animals which then effects the whole food chain.

5. Effects on human health

Human swimmers and water sports lover get affected by these chemicals and some time animals impacted by food chain are eaten by humans and it effects humans. It lead to birth problem, cancer and many other diseases.

At last i only want to say that it is the responsibility of every citizen to make their ocean cleans to protect marine life. Also for theirselves because directly or indirectly human are also get effected by that.

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