Global Warming is very serious problem that was rising from past few decades and due to this alot of things happened that are not favourable for our earth.

So today we are talking about some serious ill effects of global warming that are rising to fast.

Top 6 ILL Effects of Global Warming:

1. Glaciers melting:

Due to the this, glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland are melting to fast because of this sea level rises and lead to flooding in many countries and flood will destroy all the thing and human are also in danger.

2. Climate change:

Due to the this the cycle of the climate change was also effected. Global warming increases the evaporation of water which lead to more rain. Some plants and animals does not adapt the rains easily so due to this some of them will die and some will replace their area.

3. Diseases:

Due to the this the temperature of earth will warm and due to this human health will effects and diseases will also exposed to. Due to increase in rain fall , water brone diseases will also increases and cause alot disease like malaria etc.

4. Drought:

Due to global warming some area suffer from rain and some are suffer from drought also like africa, western U.Setc. because its warn the earth and increase evaporation due too this some area had more and some will suffer from drought.

5. Hurricanes:

Due the global warming the temperature of earth will also increases and it also warm oceans due too this hurricanes and other stroms will also become stronger.

6. Agriculture:

Global warming  increases the temperature and totally changes the climate of the earth. Due too this the crops are destroying in some place more rain are destroying the crop and in some place drought are doing this because the crops needs proper care.


If you want to know about the full detailed meaning of globe warming and green house gases. Check the link below.


Global Warming And Green House Effect

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