Meaning and Top 5 Types Of Water pollution

Meaning and Top 7 Types Of Water pollution:

Water is very important for our life. Without water we are not able to survive in this planet. So water is very important for our survival. We know the importance of water but still we are polluting water. So today we talk about meaning of water pollution and types.


The addition of harmful chemicals to naturalwater. Sources of water pollution in the UnitedStates include industrial waste, run-off fromfields treated with chemical fertilizers, and run-off from areas that have been mined.

It can be defined in many ways. Usually, it means one or more substances have built up in water to such an extent that they cause problems for animals or people. Oceans, lakes, rivers, and other inland waters can naturally clean up a certain amount of pollution by dispersing it harmlessly.

Top 5 types of water pollution:

Following are types of water pollution are as fallow

1. Nutrient pollution

2. Gound water pollution 

3. Surface water pollution

4. Oxygen depletion

5. Biological pollution 

1. Nutrient pollution:

Some wastewater, fertilizers and sewage contain high levels of nutrients. If they end up in water bodies, they encourage algae and weed growth in the water. This will make the water undrinkable, and even clog filters. Too much algae will also use up all the oxygen in the water, and other water organisms in the water will die out of oxygen starvation.

2. Ground water pollution:

When humans apply pesticides and chemicals to soils, they are washed deep into the ground by rain water. This gets to underground water, causing pollution underground.This means when we dig wells and bore holes to get water from underground, it needs to be checked for ground water pollution.

3. Surface water pollution:

Surface water pollution is the most visible form of pollution and we can see it floating on our waters in lakes, streams, and oceans.Trash from human consumption, such as water bottles, plastics and other waste products, is most often evident on water surfaces

4. Oxygen depletion:

Oxygen depletion destroys the natural balance of the water and ultimately bacteria thrive and fish and other wildlife die. Oxygen depletion is caused by the release of biodegradable matter into the water, such as sewage and the natural process of breaking this down uses the oxygen in the water. Once all the oxygen has been depleted, bacteria are able to take over making the water polluted.

5. Biological pollution:

Some viruses and bacteria are water born. These can cause serious diseases in people in direct contact with this contaminated water. This might include people drinking, swimming or washing in the contaminated water and extremely serious and contagious diseases such as cholera and typhoid are spread in this manner.

At last i want to say that we have protect our water and save it for everyone.

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