Meaning Of Land Pollution And Top 6 Causes And Sources Of Land Pollution

Meaning Of Land Pollution And Top 6 Causes And sources Of Land Pollution.

Land is the surface of the earth, which occupies about 29% of the earth. It is one of five elements of nature. In India it is reserved as a Goddess of Hindu.But still Land pollution is happening.

Meaning of Land pollution:

It is the deteriotation, destruction and degradation of the land surface of the earth due to bad things or uplanned things done by the humans like huge quantity of waste throwing on land come from factories, homes, offices etc.

So lets talk about what are the sources and causes that create it.

Top 6 sources and causes of land pollution:

In this we talk about some simple and most important causes and sources  Pollution that degrade the Land most.

1. Population:

It is main source lead to land pollution. The fast growing population totally depends upon nature for this they negotiate their all requirements for land only.

2. Mining activities:

Mining activities extract all the natural riches from the land and degrade them. Mining land becomes devalued because after mining the land is not used for agriculture any more.


Increasing population leads to defforestation, they need land for their houses, industries etc. for this they are cutting trees that leads to defforestation. And that also create imbalance in nature.

4. Industrialization:

For making industries humans are cutting trees, that leads to defforestation, that degrade land and the waste materials come from the industries dumped in the land that also degrade the land.

5. Agriculture wrong practices:

While agriculture, farmers using pesticides, insecticides, weedicides, herbicides  etc. at high rate that degarde the land most, it reduce the soil fertility and yeild capacity that undermines land for next generation for agriculture.

6. Disposal waste:

Huge quantity of waste coming from factories, homes, offices etc. that are dumped into the land create land pollution. Using of polythene bags that never decompose dumped into the land that create land pollution.




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