Meaning Of Non Renewable Energy Resources And Top 5 Non Renewable Energy Resources

Meaning Of Non Renewable Energy Resources And Top 5 Non Renewable Energy Resources:

Many people worry we will run out of or be unable to access non renewable resources like oil, a lot of attention has shifted to alternate energy sources like solar power etc.

Meaning of Non Renewable Resources:

A natural resources such as coal, gas, or oil that, once consumed, cannot be replaced. Non renewable resources are resources for which there is a limited supply. The supply comes from the Earth itself and, as it typically takes millions of years to develop, is finite.

Top 5 Non renewable resources:

Following are the top 5 non renewable resources are as fallows under below:

1. Fossils fuels.

Fossil fuels are derived from organic matter which has been trapped between layers of sediments within the Earth for millions of years.They are difficult to obtain as they are typically retrieved through drilling or mining, but fossil fuels are worth the effort for the sheer amount of energy they produce.

2. Coal:

Coal is solid fossil fuel formed in several stages as burried remains of land palnts that lived 300-400 million years ago and were subjected to intense heat and pressure over millions of years. Coal is a major source of power and industrail fuel of greater importance.

3. Petroleum/crude oil:

Petroleum is the crude oil that are used by humans for various purpose. When crude oil reserves are expected to remain up to only 40 years. Crude oil is purified and refined by fractional distillation. Several products like petrol, diesel, kerosine, lubricating oil, plastic are obatain during this process. It is also cleaner fuel as compared to coal.

4. Natural gas:

Natural gas is composed mainly of methane with small quantity of propane and ethane. In india natural gas is a natural gift. It can be both used as energy source and also an industrial raw materials in petrochemical industry. The gas is also used for fertilizer plant. It burns without smoke. In india there are four nuclear power stations with installed power stations with installed capacity of 2005 MW.

5.CNG (Compressed Natural Gas):

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a fuel source that is made from compressing natural gas to less than 1% of its standard atmospheric volume, or 3,600 PSI. CNG can be used in place of gasoline or diesel in any vehicle with a CNG conversion kit available or CNG engine.



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