Meaning of Renewable Resources And Top 5 Renewable Resources Examples

Meaning of Renewable Resources And Top 5 Renewable Resources. Examples.

Today energy resources are very important because it gives us lavish life and without it in present time we can’t do any thing. So today we talk about some renewable resources.


Renewable Resources are those resources which are renewed after use.Some renewable resources have essentially an endless supply, such as solar energy, wind energy and geothermal pressure, while other resources are considered renewable even though some time or effort must go into their renewal, such as wood, oxygen, leather and fish. They are also called inexhaustible resources.

Top 5 Renewable Resources Examples:

Renewable energy sources are natural resources that can be regenerated continuously. They can be repeatedly used. So lets know about some of them are as below:

1. Solar Energy:

Solar energy are that we get from sun directly. It is pure and natural resources. Nuclear fusion occurring in sun releases alot amount of energy in the form of heat and light. Ther many types to collect that energy and convert them and then use it like solar cells, solar panel, solar battery, solar cooker, solar water heaters etc.

2. Wind Energy:

Air moving around us is called wind. The energy that we recovered from the force of wind is called wind energy. Wind Energy generated through wind mills. But the condintion is that the wind generator work at the speed of 15kmph. It does not create any pollution and it is also very cheap.

3. Ocean Energy:

Ocean Energy are those energy that we get from oceans. Two types of Energy that we get from oceans are Tidal energy and ocean thermal energy. Ocean tides are produces by virtue of gravitational forces of sun and moon. It create high and low tides that rotate turbine and help in producing electricity.

4. Geo-thermal Energy:

The energy that we get from earth is called geo-thermal energy. Temperature inside the is very high that produce alot of heat energy. Inside the earth high pressure and high temperature steam feilds exist in many places. The energy that we harnessed from high temperature inside the earth is called geothermal energy.

5. Biomass Energy:

The organic matter that produced from plants and animals is called biomass. So the energy that we get from biomass is called biomass energy. Biomass is used for heating, cooling and industrail puspose like woods, sewage, seeds, cattle dung, agriculture watse etc. Through it we produced Biogas and Biofuels.

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