Meaning Of Ozone Layer Depletion And its Possible Effects

Meaning Of Ozone Layer Depletion And its Possible Effects:

Today due to global warming, ozone depletion was rising very fasty. It is very dangerous for all of us because ozone layer protect us from UV rays.

Meaning of ozone layer depletion:

Ozone is a colour less gas that found in the upper atmosphere of the earth. It is formed when oxygen molecules absorb ultra voilet photons, and undergo a chemical reaction known as photon dissociation or photolysis. In this process, a single molecule of oxygen breaks down into two oxygen atoms. The free oxygen atom (O), then combines with an oxygen molecule (O2) and forms a molecule of ozone (O3). The ozone molecules, in turn absorb ultravoilet rays between 310 to 200 nm (nanometres) wavelength, and thereby prevent these harmful radiations from entering the earth’s atmosphere.

Possible Top 5 Effects Of Ozone Depletion:

When ozone deplets in the stratosphere, it forms a hole in the layer. This hole enables harmful ultravoilet rays to enter the earth’s atmosphere. UV rays cause various health related problems in our life and also environmental issues.

So lets talk about some serious problems caused by ozone depletion.

1. Skin cancer:

When UV rays that come sun enter into our atmosphere due to ozone depletion it leads to various type of skin cancer, including basal and squamous cell carcinoma etc.

2. Immune system damage:

When UV rays falls on us it weakens the response of the immune system because UV rays includes impairment of the immune system.

3. Effects on plants:

Due to UV radiations it alter the time of flowering, as well as the number of flowers. The growth of the plants directly effected by the UV rays it reduce the development of the plants.

4. Eye damage:

Suns UV radiation most effect the eyes of the humans. Exposure to UV radiation directly, result photokeratitis i.e snow blindness and cataracts.

5. Effects on species:

Ozone Depletion effects the species also it damage the eye, it decrease immunity and some of them will not resist and go for death.

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