Meaning Of Soil Pollution And Top Causes And Sources Of Soil Pollution

Meaning Of Soil Pollution And Top 5 Causes And Sources Of Soil Pollution:

Everyone know about the Air pollution and water pollution problems, because its all happening near our eyes but we do not ignore the soil pollution, it is also an important aspect of pollution it effect our life a lot. Soil found near us in many forms like dust, dirt etc.

Soil pollution is adding waste substances, biological organisms and energy into the soil which result in degradation of soil or change the quality of soil which effects humans when they grow their food materials in soil. And when humans consumes that contaminated food, it effects the health of the humans. Food is very imopotant infact healthy food, but due to it we are not getting healthy food.

5 Main Causes And Sources Of Land Pollution.

So lets talk about some causes and sources of soil pollution.

1. Urban wastes:

All urban waste like garbage, waste papers, plastics, solid waste, fibers, glasses, bottles, street sweepings, leaves, abondand vehicles and other discarded products usually called as refuse are dumped into the soil or throw onto the soil cause pollution of soil.

2. Industrial wastes:

Most of the industrial waste are put on the soil like waste chemicals, waste manufacturing parts and most of the waste of industries are in the forms of liquid when all waste of industries put on the soil causes pollution of soil. These are the major sources of soil pollution.

3. Agriculture parctices:

Due to the use of incesticides, pesticides and many other chemicals, to protect our plants and crops from various incests which destroy our crops. When the quantity of these chemicals increased it destroy soil and create soil pollution.

4. Farm houses waste:

Farm houses waste are those waste which comes from various farms like poultry farms, cow dungs, pigs and dogs waste materials, when they  increase in numbers their waste material create a alot of soil pollution.

5. Acid rain:

When acid rain comes down and mix up with some soil nutrients it cause soil pollution because acid rain is caused by air pollution and when its come down on soil it destroy soil also.


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