How One Can Lose Weight Without Going To The gym?

How One Can Lose Weight Without Going To The gym

Now a days everyone is busy they don’t have time to go gym for loosing there weight and maintain there body to stay fit. This is for those who don’t have time for gyming ( How One Can Lose Weight Without Going To The gym? ). Instead of going to gym  they can fallow these steps to lose weight.

How One Can Lose Weight Without Going To The gym?

Here are a few point are as;

Some Diet plan that you have to do

1. Chuck junk food! All those burgers and chips are not going to help you.

2. Drink loads and loads of water and citrus drinks. Make sure your drinks do not contain:
a) preservatives b) sugar c) caffeine d) alcohol

3. It is not about just reducing your calorie intake! Know the difference between eating right and eating less! Reduce the fat and carbohydrate content in your food, increase the proteins and fibres. Carbohydrates  are not totally bad for you. Here are some examples of carbohydrates: apples,  broccoli, asparagus, strawberries, any fruit, any vegetable, oatmeal,  whole grains, etc. The carbs you want to avoid are the ones that turn straight into sugar, like white bread, white rice etc.

4. Split your meals. Take 5-6 meals a day. Have most of your food in breakfast, a little lesser in lunch, and the least in dinner. In between, to keep your metabolism going, eat healthy salads, sprouts or fruits.

5. Reduce ghee and butter, and replace it with olive oil as much as possible.

6. Eat your meals at fixed times. This simple trick helps a lot.

Some exercise that you have to do

Now when you have cleaned your diet, Lets talk about exercise:

1. Start your day with a morning walk or a run. Do not opt for jogging. Our body is used to running, it gives you an adrenaline pump when you run, which is highly beneficial. Jogging is just like a forced exercise, running comes naturally to us. I strongly recommend the couch 2 5K plan. Check out the app on windows or android. It teaches you to run 5 kms.

2. Simple things like taking the stairs or walking or cycling instead of driving can help you a lot. Keep that in mind whenever possible.

3. Take out 1 hour time in the day for some High Intensity Cardio. You can watch simple videos from youtube and try different work outs like aerobics, power yoga, zumba.

4. Do not be too hard on yourself. Weight loss takes time. For each person this time varies. But to get the results you really need to stay motivated and dedicatedly continue this routine. Don’t be too easy on yourself too. Push yourself to your extreme.

5. After dinner go for a brisk walk for 30-45 minutes.

6. Last but not the least, sleep early wake up early!

So there are some diet plan and exercises that show  How One Can Lose Weight Without Going To The gym? 

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