Prevention And Meaures To Control Infectious Diseases

Prevention And Meaures To Control Infectious Diseases

In our life we suffer from various diseases like Infectious diseases and Non Infectious Diseases. Infectious disease are those which are easily transfer from one person to another. So in this we have to take precautions while going near to that person. So in this we are going to talk about prevention and meaures to control infectious diseases.

Prevention And Meaures To Control Infectious Diseases

Diseases which are easily transferred from one person to another are called infectious diseases. These diseases are caused due to microscopic organisms. They spread very fast and victimise many people. Then it is called an “epidemic’. These microorganisms enter into our body through air, polluted water and food. The moment they get favourable environment they start multiplying very fast and grow rapidly in numbers.

Spread of infectious diseases can be controlled by early recognising of its symptoms and taking preventive measures.Following are the prevention and meaures to control infectious diseases are as:

1. Notification

As soon as the symptoms of a particular disease are should be notified to the health department so that they can take suitable steps in con trolling the spread of diseases like polio, cholera, dengue, mumps and malaria, etc. The health department should immediately start sprinkling or fogging of medicine in the city and distribute medicines to the poor people.

2. Isolation

People should be made aware about keeping the patient separately so that healthy people may not get infected. Give them information how to sterilise the clothes, room, etc. of the patient where they are kept.

3. Immunisation

Children should be regularly immunised for various diseases. Adults should also take precautions and immunise themselves as soon as spread of some epidemic is expected.

4. Cleanliness

To prevent various diseases from spreading cleanliness of home and outside is very necessary. Water logging and waste collection should not be around residential colonies. Sprinkling of medicines for controlling mosquitoes should be done.

5. Public health education

Under this programme, common people should be educated regarding these diseases. How are they spread? What precautions should be taken in order to prevent these diseases? This can be done through newspapers, posters radio, television, exhibitions, etc.

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