Reasons Behind Protecting Natural Resources

Reasons Behind Protecting Natural Resources

We need to understand the Reasons Behind Protecting Natural Resources beacuse if there is no reason to protect them than we are not able to protect our natural resources. Because we humans do all the things for a reason. If there is no reason then we don’t do anything. So firstly we have to know the reasons behind protecting natural resources.

Reasons Behind Protecting Natural Resources

Land, raw materials and fossils are our natural resources. Each and every resource is essential for living beings, be it humans or trees we all use these resources for our selfish purposes. Many of the natural resources are important for our survival. But lately it has been noticed that our natural resources are vanishing slowly because of the way we human beings are using or say misusing our natural resources.

We need conserve resources because they are the main source of the daily needs, and they are limited. We have to protect it because if there will be no natural resources, than there will be no life in this earth.

1. For our Future generations

These natural resources are the heritage we have received from our ancestors’ and just like they have left this heritage for us it is our moral duty to left these things for our upcoming generation, just like as we will left our wealth for our children’s and grandchildren’s leaving a green earth is what essential for them.

2. Water protection

If we keep increasing water pollution by this rate, we will have no water to drink in the near future then.

Water is the basic need of us human beings as well as other species. Everybody will die if no water to drink will be there we have to protect water resources as well as try our best to reduce the amount of pollution of water.

3. Fossils protection

It took thousands of years just to produce a few fossils. Fossil now a day becomes our basic need, our ancestor used fossil, in a way, that it can’t be destroyed and left a huge amount of fossils for us, and we here are abusing it more than using it. We should keep it in mind that fossils are important for us and our future. We need to protect as well as conserve it.

4. Petrol protection

It is necessary to protect petrol firslty for our future generations beacuse without it we are not able to run our vechiles and many machines. And it will slow down the whole work so we have to use it in a proper way.

5. Forest protection

Forest is the important natural resource because from here we get our many food we also use forest for making medicines and it is also necessary for ecological balance.

So these are the important “Reasons Behind Protecting Natural Resource“. So we have to protect our natural resources for these reasons.


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