Some Intresting Marine Pollution Facts

Marine pollution facts

Marine pollution now a days become very seroius problem. No one can think about the marine or ocean pollution because everyone thinks that ocean is very vast and big it can’t be polluted. But they proved wrong. In this we talk about some amazing marine pollution facts. Now a days all four oceans are polluted from various causes of marine pollution.

Some Amazing Marine Pollution Facts:

There are some intertesting facts that describe ocean in a very proper way. So following are the facts are as fallows:

Fact 1

Plastic is one of important thing that cause marine pollution because plastic is that type of component which are decompose and sometime it is mistakenly eaten by some marine pollution.

Fact 2

Biggest source of marine pollution are land based source like oil spills, trashs, plastic, motor vechicle, ranches, farms and many other sources. All human waste, garbages of thousand tons are dumped into oceans.

Fact 3

Every year thousand of seabird are killed because of the marine pollution.

Fact 4

Radioactive waste and industrial waste such as acids and toxins often reach the ocean adding to the pollution and substantial loss of marine life.

Fact 5

There are dead zones in the oceans that have been created by pollution making life in those zones impossible for marine or plant life.

Fact 6

It is estimated that every square mile of ocean has more than 45,000 pieces of plastic floating in it.

Fact 7

Oil spills only account for around 12% of all oil which enters our oceans. Over 35% comes from runoff, and another 22% comes from tanker operations.

Fact 8

Noise pollution from large ships and machinery can disrupt many aquatic animals, particularly mammals. Large cetaceans such as whales can become obviously distressed when there is too much background noise, as it can interfere with their communication and navigation systems.

At last i only want to say that we must have some  responsibility to save our water. As we know that air and water are the basic need for the survival. So be a responsible person and save water.

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