Top 15 Dynamic Water Pollution Facts

water pollution facts

Top 15 Dynamic Water Pollution Facts:

As we know that water is very important for us.Water is very important for our life. Without water we are not able to survive in this planet. So water is very important for our survival. We know the importance of water but still we are polluting water. Following are the water pollution facts are as fallow:

Fact 1:

Fresh water in the world is only 2.5% of the total water available on this planet. Make sure the water you drink is clean by using a water filter on your refrigerator. This is the real water pollution facts.

Fact 2:

Around 70% of the industrial waste is dumped into the water bodies where they pollute the usable water supply.

Fact 3:

20% of the groundwater in China is used as drinking water which is highly contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals which cause high levels of water pollution.

Fact 4:

Fourteen billion pounds of garbage mostly plastic, is dumped into the ocean every year.

Fact 5:

15 million children under the age of five die each year because of diseases caused by drinking water.

Fact 6:

The Ganges river in India is one the most polluted in the world. It contain sewage, trash, food, and animal remains.

Fact 7:

In America, 40% of the rivers and 46% of the lakes are polluted and are considered unhealthy for swimming, fishing or aquatic life.

Fact 8:

According to UNICEF, more than 3000 children die everyday globally due to consumption of contaminated drinking water.

Fact 9:

According to the World Health Organization, 3.2 million children under the age of five in developing nations die each year as a result of unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation.

Fact 10:

80% of the water pollution is caused due to domestic sewage like throwing garbage on open ground and water bodies.

Fact 11:

According to the survey done by Food & Water Watch cites that approximately 3.5 billion people in 2025 will face water shortage issues. This will be mainly due to water pollution. This is likely to happen because the world pollution is increasing tremendously with more water sources getting contaminated as a result of water pollution.

Fact 12:

As per U.S. EPA estimates, every year in the U.S, 1.2 trillion gallons of sewage from household, industry and restaurants is dumped in to U.S. water annually.

Fact 13:

Asia has maximum numbers of polluted rivers than anywhere else in the world. Most of it contains bacteria created from human waste.

Fact 14:

About 1.2 billion people or 1 in 3 people in rural areas defecate in the open. Open defecation poses an human health risk and compromises quality in nearby water bodies.

Fact 15:

Leather and chemical industries cause are major contributors of water pollution and are emerging leading market economies.


Last time I discuss about the meaning and types of water pollution. If u want to know or read about that click below.


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