Top 5 Important Solutions of Soil Pollution

Top 5 Important Solutions  Soil Pollution:

Today there is alot problem created due the soil pollution. Soil pollution is very serious problem for everyone, so we have to work together to reduce the soil pollutions. soil pollution can deteriorate the quality, texture and even the mineral content of the soil causing a biological imbalance together. So today i talk about some soil pollution solutions to reduce soil pollution.

Following are the soil pollution solutions are as fallows:

1. Reduce use of pesticides,Insecticides

2. Use the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

3. Reduce Deforestation 

4. Composit pits

5. Reduce toxic waste

1. Reduce use of pesticides,Insecticides:

Firstly we have to reduce the use of chemicals to protect the crops because it destroy the soil fertility make it more salty. Instead of these chemicals we have to use some organic fertilizers because it is harmless for nature also help to nourish the soil fertility.

2. Use the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle):

We have to fallow these three 3Rs. Firtly we have to Reduce the wastage of material by various method and Reuse the waste material for another purpose and then if some waste material was left, that have no use for you then Recycle the lefted waste material.

3. Reduce Deforestation:

We have to reduce defforestation because plants help in maintaining the fertility of soil. Plants caught the top layer of soil and make them not able to transported from one place to another by different agents like air and water. So we have plant more nad more trees to protect soil.

4. Composit pits:

Making compost pits can help reduce waste getting accumulated in places. Treating them chemically and biologically into less hazardous and less toxic materials can prove really beneficial for clearing away a lot of solid waste.

5. Reduce toxic waste:

If one has to look at the soil pollution facts, it will be seen that toxic waste has a big role to play in soil pollution. Hence, industrial toxic waste should be treated to reduce its toxicity before it is disposed off. At the same time, responsible methods should be used for disposing off the waste. The best, however, is to avoid the use of harmful chemicals unless they are of extreme importance.

If u want to read about the effects of soil click the link below:

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