Top 6 Different Water Pollution Sources And Causes

Water pollution sources

Top 6 Different Water Pollution Sources And Causes:

Today water pollution is known to everyone. If we talk about the causes of water pollution there are many causes and sources behind that, which pollute water. So today we talk about water pollution sources and causes.

1. Industrial waste

2. Religious and Social practices

3. Improper drainage system

4. Sewage and waste water

5. Urbanisation

6. Farm pollution or pollution of insecticides and pesticides

1. Industrial waste:

Industrial waste contains polluTop tants like asbestos, lead, mercury and petrochemicals which are extremely harmful to both people and environment. Industrial waste is discharged into lakes and rivers by using fresh water making the water contaminated.

2. Religious and Social practices:

Religious faith and social practices also add to pollution of our river waters. Carcasses of cattle and other animals are disposed in the rivers. Dead bodies are cremated on the river banks. Partially burnt bodies are also flung into the river. All this is done as a matter of religious faith and in keeping with ancient rituals. These practices pollute the river water and adversely affect the water quality.

3. Improper drainage system:

Drainage system pollution, this is the form of water pollution where sewage and normal public water supply mix up. This is seen especially in cities where water is pumped from distant out places. This occurs when there is leakage of sewage water and mixing with that of pure water supplied by municipal water pipes.

4. Sewage and waste water:

Sewage, garbage and liquid waste of households, agricultural lands and factories are discharged into lakes and rivers. These wastes contain harmful chemicals and toxins which make the water poisonous for aquatic animals and plants.

5. Urbanisation:

Rapid urbanisation in India during the recent decades has given rise to a number of environmental problems such as water supply, wastewater generation and its collection, treatment and disposal.Many towns and cities which came up on the banks of rivers have not given a proper thought to problem of wastewater, severage, etc.

6. Farm pollution or pollution of insecticides and pesticides:

Farming is the industry which relies largely on river water. The river water is used for irrigation. But pesticides and other toxic chemicals are used by farmers to control diseases. These toxins reach the river canals which supply water the cities and towns ahead.

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