Top 6 Harmful Effects of Soil Pollution

Different Harmful Effects of soil pollution

Soil pollution is adding waste substances, biological organisms and energy into the soil which result in degradation of soil or change the quality of soil which effects humans when they grow their food materials in soil. And when humans consumes that contaminated food, it effects the health of the humans. Food is very important infact healthy food, but due to it we are not getting healthy food. Today we talk about the harmful soil pollution effects.

Top 6 Soil Pollution Effects:

1.Effects on human health

2. Effects on Animals

3. Increase soil salinity

4. Decreases Soil fertility

5.Effect on plants growth

6. Change the soil structure

1.Effects on human health:

Soil pollution has serious effect on human health, when we consumes those crop which are produce or grown in polluted soil or when we eat animal product who eat that plants which are grown in polluted soil. Due to people suffer from skin diseases, muscular blockage and nervous sysytem disorder.

2. Effects on Animals:

Soil pollution also effects animals when animals ate those plants which are grown on polluted soil. By eating these plants they also get illed.

3. Increase soil salinity:

Soil pollution increased the soil salinity. When we use alot of chemicals in agricultural activities like insecticides, pesticides etc. to protect our crops. Soil naturally contains salt when we add more salt through chemicals it increase soil salinity.

4. Decreases Soil fertility:

Soil pollution decreases the soil fertility. When we pollute soil it degrade the soil. The most evident and crucial element of the soil is its fertility. Once the soil is contaminated with chemicals and heavy metals or degraded due to human activities such as mining, its fertility depreciates and might even be lost entirely. The harmful chemicals and heavy metals in the soil decrease soil microbial and chemical activity.

5.Effect on plants growth:

Soil pollution also effects the growth of the plants when soil fertility decreases it restrict the growth of plants and soil pollution also detroy some useful micro organisms which help in the growth of the plants. So due to this it effects the growth of the plants.

6. Change the soil structure:

Acidification, diminished soil fertility, and death of soil organisms in the soil can lead to changes in soil structure. This is because soil microorganisms help in breaking down organic matter that promotes soil structure regarding vitality and water penetration as well as retention.

If you want to know about the cause of soil read the link below:

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