Top 7 And Different Air Pollution Solutions

Top 7 And Different Air Pollution Solutions:

As we all know that Air was polluted since long time and there are alot of problems or effects come through pollution of air and a lot cause also behind that pollution. If you want to know about about the effects of air pollution click below. Today we talk about the Air pollution solutions.

Different Air pollution solutions:

Following are the soil pollution solutions are as follows:

1. Planting more and more trees

2. Use public mode of transportation

3.Use the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

4. Conserve Energy

5. Use renewable and clean energy resources

6. Methods to reduce pollution in Industries

7. Regulations and Laws

1. Planting more and more trees:

We have to plant more and more trees because plant are very important they take all carbondioxide (CO2) and release oxygen (O2) that is very essential for us.

2. Use public mode of transportation:

We have to use public mode of transportation and encourage more nad more people to use that. And also, try to make use of car pooling. If friends and colleagues going to school, colleges and offices from the same locality then we have to explore this option to save energy and money also.

3.Use the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle):

Firtly we have to Reduce the wastage of material by various method and Reuse the waste material for another purpose and then if some waste material was left, that have no use for you then Recycle the lefted waste material.

4. Conserve Energy:

As we that large amount of fossils are burnt to produce electricity that create pollution so we have to conserve electricity by switching off lights and fans, when we are going out.

5. Use renewable and clean energy resources:

For producing energy we are doing a lot of things that create air pollution like burning fossils fuels etc. so for this we have use some renewable and clean energy resources like solar, wind, geothermal and many more by this we can reduce the amount of polluting air.

6. Methods to reduce pollution in Industries:

Industries should  installed tall chimneys in factories , using low sulphur coal in industries better designed equipment and smokeless fuels should be ysed in industries by all of this we can reduce air pollution.

7. Regulations and Laws:

Some national and state or international policies can be used to control air pollution. Legislation and regulations always offer a fantastic measure for tackling the air pollution menace. Many cities and countries that were once heavily polluted have substantially attained clean air mainly due to the institutionalization of anti-pollution laws.


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