Top 7 Harmful Thermal pollution Effects

Thermal pollution is a real and pure problem in our modern society. But people will first think of things like carbon emissions, personal pollution and waste, and a variety of other changing factors. In this we talk about some harmful thermal pollution effects.

Top 7 Harmful Thermal pollution Effects

Following are the top 7 harmful effects of thermal pollution are as fallow:

1. Contamination of water :

This is the most harmful thermal pollution effects. Thermal pollution also results in contamination of water because various chemicals and other wastes get mixed up with the water that is disposed off back to rivers, ponds, lakes, etc., by various factories. If this contamination of water keeps on increasing, humans can suffer from shortage of water.

2. Adverse effect on water plants :

Change in temperature levels is extremely harmful for the aquatic plants. These plants cannot cope up with the sudden alteration in water temperature. Hence, more and more aquatic plants are depleting each day because of thermal pollution.

3. Adverse effects on water animals:

The whole marine life gets disturbed because of thermal pollution. The contaminated water makes the natural water poisonous and has an adverse effect on animals living in it. Also, the reduced level of oxygen makes it difficult for water animals to survive.

4. Decrease in DO (Dissolved Oxygen) Levels:

The warm temperature reduces the levels of DO (Dissolved Oxygen) in water. The warm water holds relatively less oxygen than cold water. The decrease in DO can create suffocation for plants and animals such as fish, amphibians and copepods, which may give rise to anaerobic conditions. Warmer water allows algae to flourish on surface of water and over the long term growing algae can decrease oxygen levels in the water.

5. Increase in Toxins:

With the constant flow of high temperature discharge from industries, there is a huge increase in toxins that are being regurgitated into the natural body of water. These toxins may contain chemicals or radiation that may have harsh impact on the local ecology and make them susceptible to various diseases.

6. Loss of Biodiversity:

A dent in the biological activity in the water may cause significant loss of biodiversity. Changes in the environment may cause certain species of organisms to shift their base to some other place while their could be significant number of species that may shift in because of warmer waters. Organisms that can adapt easily may have an advantage over organisms that are not used to the warmer temperatures.

7. Migration:

The warm water can also cause particular species of organisms to migrate to suitable environment that would cater to its requirements for survival. This can result in loss for those species that depend on them for their daily food as their food chain is interrupted.

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