Some Wonderful Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution

Reduce noise pollution

Our environment is such that it has become difficult to escape noise. Today noise is the major problem of our society. So we talk about some wonderful,amazing and easy ways to Reduce Noise Pollution.

Some Wonderful Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution:

Noise pollution takes place when there is either excessive amount of noise or an unpleasant sound that causes temporary disruption in the natural balance. This definition is usually applicable to sounds or noises that are unnatural in either their volume or their production.

Top 7 ways to reduce noise pollution:

1. Use earplugs:

Wearing earplugs is a cost-effective solution of reducing noise pollution. A pair of earplugs can be worn while sleeping or at any other time of the day when you want to reduce the amount of noise hitting your eardrums. Earplugs have their health benefits especially for those who want to have a healthy sleeping habit in noisy areas.

2. Invest in noise friendly flooring:

Floors can offer impressive ways of reducing noise pollution. However, it depends on the type of floor in place. Carpeting for instance usually reduces substantial amount of noise but better results can be achieved by use of noise friendly flooring like vinyl. Vinyl is a resourceful alternative to carpeting and delivers better in reducing noise pollution because of its sound absorption qualities.

3. Plant trees:

Trees have been established to be effective in reducing noise levels within urban settings, around major highways, and even at the places we stay. Therefore, numerous plants and trees in an area mean less noise pollution. In addition to that, trees have various aesthetic advantages and improve air quality.

4. Turn off Appliances at Home and offices:

We can turn off home and office appliances when not in use such as TV, games, computers etc. it can create unnecessary stress on ears. We can save electricity also when we turn them off.

5. Create Healthy environment to eliminate unwanted noise:

If we can’t eliminate unwanted noise coming from outside then we can create healthier noise such as music, singing birds or waterfalls in homes or offices.

6. Stay away from Noisy area:

Noise producing industries, airports, vehicles should be far from residential areas as it very dangerous for infants and senior citizens.

7. Creating awareness and education on the consequences of noise pollution:

The creation of awareness on noise pollution and its effects on both humans and wildlife can generate positive outcomes on efforts to reduce noise pollution. Perhaps if most people could be aware that noise pollution can lead to hearing loss and mental stress, then majority will invest in ways to reduce noise pollution.

If you want to read about effect of noise pollution on human health. You can read it here.

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